Stainless Steel Pipe & Pipe Fittings

Stainless Steel Pipe & Pipe Fittings

Stainless Steel Welded & Seamless Pipe

Welded pipe is formed from the raw stainless steel which is cast into a flat strip. This is then heated and rolled through a series of grooved rollers that mold the material into a circular pipe. This is then welded along the joint to become a welded pipe and cut to length.

Seamless pipe this is formed from raw stainless steel and moulded into a billet, which is then heated and stretched out. A hole is pushed into the centre to form the bore of the pipe. This is refined to the correct dimensions by running through a series of rolling mills and cut to length.

Outside Dimensions & Schedule Thicknesses

Pipe sizes are referred to as Nominal Bore, which refers to a nominal internal diameter of the hole. This is then coded with a schedule or wall thickness, which varies, see the chart below for all wall thicknesses relative to size.

Stainless Steel Pipe Dimensions

Different Grades for Stainless Steel Pipe

304L, the L denoting Low Carbon content, reduces work hardening rate slightly, and improves ductility for cold forging, drawing etc. It has excellent welding properties and good resistance to a wide range of corrosive environment.

316L, Low Carbon content same as the 304L, but has a higher resistance to corrosion than 304L, especially chlorides and sea water.

2205 has a good high strength and high general corrosion benefits, better than either 304L or 316L. This is good for services like marine applications, bleaching operations, chemical process lines/vessels, food processing equipment, closed loop systems and heat exchangers.

Buttweld, Socketweld or Threaded Pipe Fittings

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings can be joined by butt welding, socket welded or screwed (BSP or NPT) fittings. Buttweld and socket weld are a permanent form giving you an optimum and effective joint, while screwed fittings mean you can break the joint for maintenance.

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

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