Stattin Stainless was founded in 2015 by two guys with extensive experience in the stainless steel industry. They identified the need for a supplier with genuinely dedicated and knowledgeable staff to service all types of industries and create long term customer relationships.

The Stattin Stainless team’s daily motivation and priority is to focus on providing dependable supply of material and solving customer product selection issues. After all we are here to make life as easy as possible for our clients, not adding to the stress of our fabricator friends that need to meet industry deadlines. Our company slogan of “Where Stainless Steel Fittings Live” reflects the way we think and see ourselves.

Stainless steel hygienic tube and fittings are instrumental in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries by exemplifying virtues such as corrosion resistance, food safety, stain resistance as well as being easy to clean and non-toxic. Other non-hygienic industries that benefit greatly utilizing stainless steel pipe, fittings and valves are the steam, water, agricultural, automotive and general industries. If you value longevity and excellent life cycle costing, stainless steel is your friend.

We have grown significantly in our short life. This is reflected in our ever growing customer base, stock and staff. We believe our clients value our integrity and approach to providing knowledge based efficient service in a timely manner. At Stattin Stainless we understand that it’s all about repeat business.


Coopers Brewery has benefited greatly through the relationship it established with Stattin Stainless over 30 years ago. Their product knowledge and prompt service has made them our leading stainless steel supplier and we value their ability to supply orders in full and correctly on a consistent basis.

Ian Ward, Purchasing Officer, Coopers Brewery

Michell Wool are very impressed with Stattin’s exceptional customer service and relevant industry knowledge, they recently supported us through a large Process line upgrade with quick turnaround of quotations and next day delivery of goods.  

James Bailey, Project Manager, Michell Wool Pty Ltd

Stattin Stainless has been a valuable asset as a supplier for both Sturm's Mechanical Engineering & Glass Conecxions. Having a South Australian owned & operated stainless steel supplier with local and national knowledge in procuring materials has been of great benefit to us. With minimal back orders & the best free delivery service in South Australia they have helped both my businesses achieve a greater level of efficiency. 

Andrew Richards Owner / Director Sturm's Mechanical Eng / Glass Conecxions

Glenelg Engineering has been utilizing Stattin Stainless as a supplier of stainless steel pipe and fittings for many years. My desire to continue this relationship is not based on the high quality product line they supply us but their first class customer service. Every enquiry I make, big or small, is met with enthusiasm and drive to give us the best possible outcome. If I am ever required to source items for an urgent breakdown, Stattin Stainless is always my first point of call as I can always rely on the team at Stattin's to get me out of trouble.

Tim Marsh Estimator, Glenelg Engineering Co

Contract Engineering has utilized Stattin Stainless for its industry knowledge and excellent service since 1987. In the ‘I need it now’ world of production requirements, their willingness to provide assistance will benefit any company.

Lee Forrester, Owner / Director, Contract Engineering