Stainless Steel Hygienic Valves and Sightglasses

Our Grade 316 Stainless Steel Hygienic Valves and Sightglasses Range

Stattin Stainless stocks a comprehensive range of Pentair (Formerly Keystone) Grade 316 Stainless Steel Hygienic Valves and Sightglasses.

This collection includes Keystone F250 Butterfly Valves, Keystone F264J Check Valves, Keystone F250 Stainless Steel Handles, F250 Silicon, EPDM and Viton Seal Kits and Stainless Steel Sightglasses in sizes 25.4mm, 38.1mm, 50.8mm, 63.5mm and 76.2mm.

Pentair (Formerly Keystone) F250 Butterfly Valve General Applications

A universal valve for isolation and control, in the food, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, beverage and chemical industries.

F250 Technical Data

Max. product pressure at 20°C: 10bar (1000kPa)

Min. product Full vacuum pressure at 20°C: Full vacuum

Recommended operating pressure at 20°C: 6bar (600kPa) 

Recommended  temperature range: -5°C to 95°C

F250 Features 

Quarter turn operation • Isolation or regulation control • Equal percentage characteristics • Bi-directional capability • Fully machined 316L stainless steel body • Optional end connections • One-piece disc and stem assembly • High Cv slim profile disc • Integral valve position indicator • High grade seat material options • Combination dual or multi position handle assembly • High impact reinforced polymer handle with a stainless steel drive (full stainless steel option available) • Integral padlocking as standard on manual valves • Maintenance friendly • Site repairable • Full range of optional accessories.

F250 Silicon Seats

Keystone Compound Number: EM-D1-20

Formula Number: SI265 (Class1 & 2 FDA Approval)

Common Name: Silicon

Colour of Seat: White

General Temperature Rating: Minus 30° to 180°C

Description: Silicon rubbers have excellent resistance to the deteriorating effects of ozone, oxidation, weathering and water.

Suitable for: Food and Beverage.

Not Suitable for: Solvents and petroleum products.

Products Usage Guide: Seat material for F250 and F251 Butterfly valves.


F250 EPDM Seats

Keystone Compound Number: EM-D1-19

Formula Number: EP007 (Class1 & 2 FDA Approval)

Common Name: EPDM (Ethylene Propylene)

Colour of Seat: Brown

General Temperature Rating: Minus 40° to 120°C

Description: Excellent for steam and hot water

Suitable for: Mild acids, dilute alkalis, silicon oils, greases, ketones and alkalis

Not Suitable for: Petroleum oils or diester base lubricants.

Products Usage Guide: Seat material for F250 and F251 Butterfly valves.

F250 Viton Seats

Keystone Compound Number: EM-D1-18

Formula Number: FC368

Common Name: Viton

Colour of Seat: Red

General Temperature Rating: Minus 5° to 210°C

Description: Good extreme temperature and chemical resistance. Used when Buna N or EPDM is not suitable.

Suitable for: Excellent resistance to most acids, alkalies, allphatic solvents, and aromatic solvents.

Not Suitable for: Applications requiring tear resistance.

Products Usage Guide: Seat material for F250 and F251 Butterfly valves.

Pentair (Formerly Keystone) F264J Spring Check Valve General Applications

Ideal for general process, filling lines and backflow prevention on liquid service

F264J Technical Data

Max. pressure at 20°C (68°F): 10bar (145psi)

Min. pressure at 20°C (68°F): Full vacuum 

Sizes: Metric DN 25 to 150 (Inch OD 1” to 6”)

Temperature range: –10°C to 95°C (14°F to 230°F)

F264J Features

Stainless steel construction • In-line cleanability • High flow co-efficient values • Compact design • Easy maintenance • Resilient seal for tight shut-off • Can be installed in any position • End connections available in: – Butt weld or Clamp as standard – Other end connections available upon request • Flow direction indicator

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