Flange Gaskets

Rubber Insertion, Graphtek and Spiral Wound Flange Gaskets

Gaskets are materials that seal between two different surfaces, under compression to create a static seal. The sealing is a result of the compressive forces created by sufficient bold load, and also works to fill the imperfections on the mating surfaces to be sealed. 

The gasket must do a number of different jobs well to function properly

• Create an initial seal.

• Maintain the seal over a desired length of time.

• Be easily removed and replaced.

Natural Rubber Insertion Cotton Gaskets

Natural Insertion Rubber Cotton is a superior grade rubber made from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber polymers reinforced with cotton fabric for improved tear resistance and dimensional stability. It has excellent physical properties including good mechanical strength, with moderate abrasion resistance. Natural Insertion Rubber Cotton has superior resilience with good low temperature flexibility and compression set.

Natural Rubber Insertion Cotton Gasket Applications

Natural Insertion Rubber Cotton (Superior) has well all round properties including resistance to abrasion. It has relatively low resistance to temperature and petroleum based fluids. It has excellent mechanical properties, moderate ozone, acid and alkali resistance, but not adequate for use with oils and solvents. Its dynamic properties are excellent. Low compression set and high resilience.

GraphTek 5130 Gaskets

GraphTek 5130 is a compressed proprietary fibre sheet, combining a high percentage of graphite, reinforced with aramid fibres and a NBR binder. An excellent gasket sheet for high temperature and pressure. It is produced under high load which ensures the material has very low gas leakage. Because of low tensile strength and low gas tightness, GraphTek 5130 is much more restricted in application.

GraphTek 5130 Gasket Applications

GraphTek 5130 is a reliable high performance gasket sheet with excellent mechanical properties. Suitable for many applications including:- High Pressure Steam, Oils,Hydrocarbons and Refrigerants, Solvents, Gases including Oxygen. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, instrumentation and automobile industry sealing devices, thermoelectric, machinery.

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets are special semi-metallic gaskets of great strength and resilience, therefore they are suitable for use under heavy operating conditions. These gaskets are manufactured by spiral winding Chevron “V-shaped” metal strip and strip of soft non metallic filler material. The flexible filler guarantees excellent sealing. They can be reinforced with an outer centering ring and/or inner ring. Spiral Wound Gaskets are made and assembled in accordance with ASME B16.20. Clearly stamped in either the outer/inner ring is the size, materials constructed from, windings material and filler.

Spiral Wound Gaskets Apllications

Spiral Wound Gaskets are widely used in the petrochemical and power generation plants industry. They can also be used for sealing flange joints, manhole and handhole covers, tube covers, boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pumps, compressors and valves. Suitable for severely fluctuating temperature and pressure conditions.


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