ANSI 150lbs GraphTek 5130 Flange Gaskets

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ANSI 150lbs GraphTek 5130 1.5mm Flange Gaskets

Our GraphTek 5130 Flange Gaskets are a compressed proprietary fibre sheet, combining a high percentage of graphite, reinforced with aramid fibres and a NBR binder. An excellent gasket for high temperature and pressure. It is produced under high load which ensures the material has very low gas leakage. Made to fit  ANSI 150lbs B16.5 Pipe, Tube, Blind and Threaded Flanges.

GraphTek 5130 is a reliable high performance gasket sheet with excellent mechanical properties. Suitable for many applications including High Pressure Steam, Oils, Hydrocarbons and Refrigerants, Solvents, Gases including Oxygen. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, instrumentation and automobile industry sealing devices, thermoelectric and machinery.

ANSI 150lbs GraphTek 5130 1.5mm Flange Gasket Physical Properties

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