Pressure Gauges

Analog Pressure Gauges

Analog pressure gauges, often referred to as mechanical gauges, use a needle that points to a number on a scale corresponding to the pressure sensed by the measuring element. Analog pressure gauges are found everywhere as they provide an accurate, inexpensive option that requires no power and little, if any, maintenance.

Analog gauges can be tailored to fit nearly any application. They can be accurate enough to use as test gauges, reliable enough for use in complex process environments, rugged enough for industrial use, and inexpensive enough for commercial use.


Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauges

Our glycerine pressure gauges has been integrated in a new stainless steel case with modern design. This instrument fulfills the safety requirements of EN 837-1/S2.

The glycerine filling of the case protects the measuring system against wear and tear by pulsating pressures and mechanical vibration; at the same time it provides lubrication for the moving parts.

The glycerine pressure gauges are suitable for gaseous and liquid media that do not corrode copper alloys.


Pressure Gauge Features

  • Connection position bottom
  • With glycerine filling
  • High dynamic load
  • Rugged construction
  • Complies EN 837-1/S2 standard
  • Protection IP 65 (EN 60 529/IEC 529)
  • Low wear o Versatile applications
  • Low weight

Pressure Gauge Applications

  • Food industry, chemical industry, mining, shipyards
  • Waste water technology
  • General machine construction, hydraulics, pumps
  • Compressors, high pressure cleaning devices

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