Butterfly Valves and Wafer Check Valves

Wafer Type and Lugged Type Butterfly Valves

General purpose Resilient Seat Butterfly Valves are widely used thanks to their excellent performance, suitable for a wide range of applications despite its simplicity in design. This product is ideal for throttling or shutting off the flow of gases, liquids, semi-liquids and even solid powder. It serves industries like petroleum processing, chemicals, food, medicine, textile, paper making, hydroelectricity engineering, water supply and sewage, metallurgy and power generation.

Wafer Type Butterfly Valves

The body design is such that it can be used with most international flanges, including AS2129, BS10, ANSI, DIN, and JIS. Stattin Stainless stocks sizes 50mm (2"), 65mm (2 1/2"), 80mm (3), 100mm (4") and 150mm (6"). The Wafer Type is designed for inline service and relies on a flange either side of the valve to secure it in the pipeline.

Lugged Type Butterfly Valves

Like the Wafer Type, the Lugged body is compact but has a series of lugs cast into the body which are tapped with a metric thread for the fixing of a Table E flange on one side at a time. The benefit of this being the valve can be mounted at the end of a pipeline without the need for a flange on the downstream (discharge) side of the valve. Stattin Stainless stocks sizes 50mm (2"), 65mm (2 1/2"), 80mm (3), 100mm (4") and 150mm (6") to fit Table E AS 2129 Flanges.

Wafer Check Valves

Our Wafer Check Valve are a high performance general-purpose valve. It is compact in design enabling the installation and pipework expenditure to be greatly reduced and are used in the HVAC, building service, irrigation, fire fighting and general industries.

Retainer-less body design as standard with no body plugs eliminates possibility of body leakage. Smooth disc surface improves flow efficiency and provide better sealing. Hydrodynamic design ensures non slamming and water hammer-less. Stainless steel spring allows disc to close prior to reverse flow and is hidden in the diffuser under protection while valve in operation. 

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