Winemaking and Stainless Steel, the Perfect Pairing?

Winemaking and Stainless Steel, the Perfect Pairing?

When you think of wineries, you probably think about the wine and not much else - and we totally understand why! But there is a lot of work that goes into your favourite drop, and stainless steel fittings are a significant part of the process. 

Just before vintage, wineries will often look over their equipment and see what needs to be replaced or repaired, order spare parts and get new fittings and hard lines installed. There are several fittings and pieces of equipment that are unique to wineries, including:


There are many arguments over whether aging wine works better in steel, concrete, wood or another material. Ultimately, it’s more about the difference in taste that the vat produces, more than which is better as they are all widely used in wine production. We might be bias, but we think stainless steel has great benefits in winemaking including ease of maintenance, longevity and temperature control, all of which make it a popular choice for modern winemakers. 


Used to transfer liquids around the winery, hoses are essential in winemaking. They are categorised into two main types: PVC (up to 60deg Temp) and Rubber (above 60deg Temp and higher pressure) and can be used for the transfer of wine, washing areas and general purpose activities. Hose assemblies complete with stainless steel end connections installed can make the process easier and is something we often assist with.

Turret Fittings

Ideal for sparging and introduction of gases or liquids to a product line, turret fittings are ball-lock, two way shut off coupling systems that are made entirely of stainless steel. The fittings ensure there is no cross contamination of gas or liquid.

Wine Unions

Fun fact: originating in Australia, wine unions were made specifically for the wine industry! The fitting consists of a Wine male, liner, nut and seal. It is commonly used throughout the winery as a connecting fitting on tanks, lines, manifolds and hoses, and is easily distinguished by the brass wing nut which can be hand tightened. 

Fabricated Fittings

Transferring liquids requires fabricated fittings including food grade stainless steel bends, tees, reducers, valves and sight glasses, dependent on the application. At Stattin, we can fabricate custom fittings for most applications.

So, next time you enjoy your favourite wine, you can now enjoy it a little more knowing how stainless steel played a part in creating the perfect drop! If you own a winery and need fittings, take a look at our shop or contact us for custom pieces.

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