Stainless Steel Flat Face BSM Unions

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Grade 304/316 Stainless Steel Flat Face BSM Unions

British Standard Milk (BSM) stainless steel Flat Face unions were designed specifically for tube installation in the dairy industry, but they are now commonly used in food and beverage processing and the pharmaceutical industries where crevice-free hygienic conditions are required. A commonly used term is 'CIP' which comes from the phrase Clean in Place.

AS 1528.3 Specifications

The aim of AS 1528.3 has been to standardize a hygienic tube fittings for use in dairy and other food and beverage manufacturing, that is effective in maintaining the required food safety standards and that is also readily available at a relatively economical price. The standards has been successful in these aims. It is also the only dimensionally integrated set of tube and fitting standards in the world.


The FF stands for 'Flat Face' and refers to a BSM modified supporting CIP installations. The gasket is moulded completely filling the crevice between the liner and male part and allows a small lip to give a flush finish on the ID of the fitting. The liner and male parts of this union have been modified creating a flat face style sealed with a flat face gasket. Flat faced liner and male part used in a CIPFF union are shaped differently to that used in an RJT or CIP union.

Note: All BSM Unions are sold with a Standard EPDM Flat Face seal. Temperature rating for EPDM "E" gasket material is -51°C to 148°C.



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