EPDM Ring Joint Type BSM Seals

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EPDM Ring Joint Type BSM O'Rings

British Standard Milk (BSM) RJT EPDM O'rings were designed specifically for tube installation in the dairy industry, but they are now commonly used in food and beverage processing and the pharmaceutical industries where crevice-free hygienic conditions are required.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) General Properties

Being non-polar elastomers EPDM offers a good performance in polar fluids such as alcohols, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), super-critical carbondioxide, water, steam, ketones etc., but perform badly in non-polar fluids such as hydrocarbon oils, lubricants and greases.

Note: Standard EPDM Ring Type Joint O'Ring Temperature rating for EPDM "E" gasket material is -51°C to 148°C.