EPDM Tri Clover Seals

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EPDM Tri clover Gaskets

EPDM Tri clover Seals are a very popular Hygienic Fitting due to providing a smooth, non-contaminating internal pipework joint. They are part of a Union that consists of two ferrules which are compressed together using a clamp and a gasket between the two ferrules which provides a tight seal. Tri clamp Seals are manufactured from EPDM and are easy to remove by hand using the single hinge clamp wing nut.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) General Properties

Being non-polar elastomers EPDM offers a good performance in polar fluids such as alcohols, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), super-critical carbondioxide, water, steam, ketones etc., but perform badly in non-polar fluids such as hydrocarbon oils, lubricants and greases.

Note: Standard EPDM Ring Type Joint O'Ring Temperature rating for EPDM "E" gasket material is -51°C to 148°C.

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