Grade 316 Stainless Steel 90° Long Radius Tube Bends

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Grade 316 90° Long Radius Pulled Tube Elbows

Stattin Stainless stocks 90° degree pulled bends (cold drawn bend), the process of manufacturing often relates to the diameter of the bend and the thickness of material used. Up to and including 152.4mm the bends are generally pulled, by far the most commonly supplied bends.

To maintain a level of quality and consistency Stattin Stainless stocks pulled bends with an extended leg. The importance of this style of bend ensures each end of the bend is finished off square and accurate. The extended leg gives the ability to maintain the original circularity of the tube and a precise 45 or 90 degree radius measured from across the end face of the bends.

• Made from Grade 316 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

• Extended leg gives the ability to maintain the original circularity of the tube.

• Made to AS1528 which conforms to Australian food production standards.

• Long radius gives less frictional resistance.

• Fully Hygienic, Polished and Descaled for that distinctive look that hides fingerprints.

For more information, click on the image below. Grade 316 90° Long Radius Tube Elbows

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