Stainless Steel Wall Brackets

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Grade 316 Stainless Steel 90° Handrail Wall Brackets

Grade 316 90° Handrail Wall Brackets are ideal for attaching stainless steel round tube or flat or curved timber. 12mm wall bracket is simple to install with screws. 14mm wall bracket with M8 lag screw attaches to stud walls and comes with either flat or curved plate depending on the shape of your top handrail.

• Made from Grade 316 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

• Place cover over base plate to hide fasteners for a seamless finish.

• Fix onto the side of a masonry walls or use the lag screw option for stud walls. 

• Brushed finish for that distinctive look.

12mm Stainless Steel Wall Brackets Dimensions

Wall Bracket Dimensions


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